This Term


We had fun in the paint using stamps and our hands!


Junk Modelling


The children have enjoyed playing outside exploring the snow and ice.



In Nature Explorers we made a Christmas feast for the birds.


We drew pictures and wrote a letter to Father Christmas, hopefully he will write back.


In the Nature Explorers session we made clay nature prints.


We went on a story walk finding props for the story Chicken Licken.


We made a camp fire and toasted marshmallows.


Messy paint play.


We were very careful when we hammered tacks into pumpkins.


Role-playing in the pre-school shop.


Playing outdoors is really good fun.


We drove the remote control cars around the outdoor playarea looking for numbers.


Do you like the bats we made from egg boxes?


We really enjoyed playing with the parachute outside.


We painted our feet and made footprints, it tickled!


We have been busy doing lots of jigsaws this week.

Playing with gloop is really good fun.

We have been busy building towers with wooden blocks.


We used paint, playdough and stickle bricks to make people.


The children made dens in the Nature Explorers session.


Nature Explorers


We had lots of fun balancing on and jumping off crates.


The children made friendship pebbles in the Nature Explorers session.


Outdoor play is such fun.



Busy, creative children.



The children have really enjoyed playing in the new outdoor play-area.







Latest News

Our Superheroes

This half term the children will be looking at the topic ‘Our Superheroes’ learning all about the people that help us.  This week we will be concentrating on builders and our activities will include playing with the tools in the small world area, using the gears on the construction table, role-playing in the home corner, junk modelling in the creative area, playing with shaving foam on the malleable table and using sponges to create pictures on the painting table.

Phonics Activity: The Triangle Song

The Book of the Week:  Fix it Duck

Nature Explorers: Sensory Walk

Homelink Activity: Bake your favourite book character