Trike22nd October 2012

Dear Parents and Friends
For the final week of this half term the children will be continuing looking at the topic of princes, princesses, castles and fairytales. Thank you so much for continuing this topic at home and for allowing your children to bring books and items into Pre-school to share with their friends. After the half term we will be concentrating on the topic of Autumn. Should you have any nice Autumnal walks in the half term we would love to see the photographs. Thank you to you all for your continued help and support.

Half Term Closure
Pre-school will be closed from Monday 29th October and will re-open to the children on Tuesday 6th November.

25 Club
Congratulation to our October 25 club winner Bobby Banks.

Thank You
Pre-school would like to say a huge thank you to the parents of Henry Ashworth for the very kind donation of children’s high visibility vests. They are just what we needed. Thank you.

Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease
Please be aware that we have had a case of hand, foot and mouth disease here at Pre-school and also a case at the primary school. The condition is highly contagious before the spots

appear on the child’s skin. If however you do see spots or a rash on your child’s skin please seek medical attention and do not send your child to Pre-school for 24 hours. Thank you.

Snack Of The Week
This week the children will be enjoying a selection of cereals and fruit.

Letter Of The Week
Please encourage your child to bring items into Pre-school that begins with the letter H.

Pre-school would like to wish all the children and their families a lovely half term break and look forward to hearing their Halloween and bonfire stories when they return.

Latest News

Terrific Transport

This half term the children will be looking at the topic Terrific Transport concentrating this week on cars. Activities will include playing with the garage in the small world area, making junk models in the creative area, role-playing using wheels, tool boxes and registration plates, painting pictures of cars using sponges, building with wooden blocks in the construction area and playing with the remote control cars.  The Book of the Week is Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car and will be read at every circle time.  While listening to the story the pre-school children will discuss two words that appear in it, ‘squash’ and ‘deeper’

Phonics Activity: The phonics activity for the 2 year olds is positional language – on, in and under. The 3 year olds will listen to The Gruffalo and the pre-school children will play I Spy.

The Book of the Week: Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car

Nature Explorers: Drawing with charcoal

Homelink Activity: The homelink activities this half term will all be focused around how we manage our feelings and look after each other. This weeks activity is to take part in a cosmic yoga session on YouTube. The link below will take you to a session that also tells the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’