Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Children are all different and deserve to enjoy the same experiences as others around them. Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities may need additional support to do this. Click below to find out how we do this at Whitechapel Preschool.

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Supporting children with special educational needs 

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Our Superheroes

This half term the children will be looking at the topic ‘Our Superheroes’ learning all about the people that help us.  This week we will be concentrating on builders and our activities will include playing with the tools in the small world area, using the gears on the construction table, role-playing in the home corner, junk modelling in the creative area, playing with shaving foam on the malleable table and using sponges to create pictures on the painting table.

Phonics Activity: The Triangle Song

The Book of the Week:  Fix it Duck

Nature Explorers: Sensory Walk

Homelink Activity: Bake your favourite book character