The Preschool’s Policies are available here:


1.2 Safeguarding children and child protection  

1.3 Looked after children 

1.4 Confidentiality and client access to records

1.5 Information sharing

1.6 Uncollected Child

1.7 Missing Child 

1.8 Supervision of children on outings and visits

1.9 Maintaining security and safety 

1.10 Making a complaint

1.11 Valuing diversity and promoting equality 

1.12 Supporting children with special educational needs

1.13 Achieving positive behaviour

1.13a Transitions

 1.14 Animals in the setting

1-15 Administering medicines

1.16 Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious

1.17 Nappy changing 


1.19 Food and drink

1.20 First aid

1.2 Appendix

2.1 Employment and staffing 

2.2_Induction_of_staff volunteers and managers

2.3 Student placements

2.4 Staff Disciplinary


2.6 Staff Capability

2.7 Mobile phone, camera and social networking policy

2.8 Whistleblowing

3.1 Risk assessment

3.2 Health and safety general standards

3.3 Fire safety and emergency evacuation

3.3a  Lockdown

3.4 Recording and reporting of accidents and incidents

3.7 Food Hygiene 

Basic Kitchen Checks

4.1 Admissions

4.3 The role of the Key-Person

4.5 Parental involvement 

4.6 Exceptional Circumstances 

4.7 Working in partnership with other agencies

5.2 Provider records

5.3 Transfer of records to School

5.4 Reserve Account Policy

5.5 Financing special-needs children

5.6 Data Protection 

Latest News

Keep an Eye on the Sky

This half term the children will be looking at the topic ‘Keep an Eye on the Sky’ and will take part in lots of season and weather related activities.  This weeks activities will include writing a letter to Father Christmas and drawing around Christmas stencils in the mark making area, playing with snow in the malleable area, role-playing in the Christmas house, playing with the arctic in the small world area, building with wooden blocks in the construction area, making Christmas cards and crafts in the creative area, on the maths table the children will be feeding Father Christmas mince pies (a counting game)  and in the painting area the children will printing using bubble wrap.

Phonics Activity: The Nativity

The Book of the Week:  Little Cloud

Nature Explorers: In the session this week the children will make a Christmas feast for the birds

Homelink Activity: Look at the clouds, what shapes do you see?