Learning Through Play

We feel it is important that you understand how your child learns through play and how we help your child on their learning journey. You as parents are their first educator and we value your input and interest in your child’s life at preschool.

We follow the EYFS, however our main aim is to ensure your child is happy, feels safe and secure. This will then enable your child to learn and develop.

How Do We Implement This?

We get to know you and your child on an individual basis. We use a keyperson system, which involves one member of staff who gets to know your child through observation and discussions with you as parents/carers. This shows us what your child can do, so we can provide activities and experiences that will be enjoyable and encourage your child to learn and develop.

For example, your child may be able to count to five and has an interest in worms and bugs. We would provide activities based around mini-beasts that would include sorting, counting and investigation. Your child is learning about math’s concepts through play, as well as how to interact with others and developing confidence and self-esteem.

This is Learning Through Play.

We follow your child’s progress within a learning journey. This is a collection of observations, photographs and work of your child. It helps to build up a picture of who your child is and what they can do. We share this journey with parents and other nurseries your child may attend, as well as creating a report that can be sent onto school, in order to help them settle as quickly as possible.

Click here to download a copy of EYFS_Parents_Guide

Latest News

Terrific Transport

This half term the children will be looking at the topic Terrific Transport.  Activities this week will be focused around trains.  The children will play with the train track in the small world area, role play in the home corner, make trains on the craft table, size order train carriages on the maths table, make train pictures on the painting table, play with playdough on the malleable table and listen to the book of the week ‘The Train Ride’

Phonics Activity: 2 year olds – describing everyday objects,  3 year olds – the Hungry Caterpillar,, pre-school children – clapping out names

The Book of the Week: The Train Ride

Nature Explorers: Wood rubbing

Homelink Activity: The homelink activities this half term will all be focused around how we manage our feelings and look after each other.  This week’s activity is to share the Colour Monster story on youtube, can you create your own monster? what colour is it? what is it feeling?