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Off on an Adventure

This half term the children will be looking at the topic, Off on an Adventure, concentrating this week on camping. Activities will include playing with the campsite in the small world area, playing with playdough on the malleable table, role-playing in the home corner, building with interlocking houses in the construction area, matching numbers to quantity on the maths table, playing board games on the table tops and listening to the book of the week Camping Out.  When listening to the story the pre-school children will discuss two words that appear in it, Campers and Falling.

In phonics this week the 2 year olds will be looking through the treasure bucket, the 3 year olds will be listening to the story The Colour Monster, then will discuss feeling happy, and the pre-school children will be clapping out objects.

The Book of the Week: Camping Out

Nature Explorers: Walking around the school maze and leaf rubbing

Homelink Activity: The homelink activities this half term will all be focused around maths.  This weeks activity is

to sing number rhymes e.g. Five Little Ducks, Ten in the Bed.